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Creating a will which will serve as your last will and testament is not only a critical aspect of estate planning for any adult in Virginia, but it often serves as the keystone of many people’s financial legacy. Without a valid, updated will, your property may be subject to distribution by a court based on state law, regardless of what oral or non-will written instructions you left. At Kurylo Gold & Josey, PLC, our estate planning attorneys will work with you and your family to create a will that is not only legally valid in Virginia but which will clearly and comprehensively work with other aspects of your estate planning to distribute your estate in a way that best serves your goals and the needs of your family members and loved ones.

Why Having a Will is Important in Virginia

When adults in Virginia die without a will, the courts will have to apply the rules of intestacy in distributing their estates, meaning property can go to people designated by state law regardless of their need or relationship with the deceased. Furthermore, this process can cause long delays and lead to courtroom battles among family members and others who believe they are entitled to a portion of the deceased’s estate. With a valid will, you can express your desires for your estate clearly, leading to a smooth disposition of your assets so that your loved ones will be benefitted as soon as possible, without money going to the court or to attorney costs.

Contact a VA Estate Lawyer Today to Create or Update Your Will

Whether you just got married and/or had your first child and this is your first time thinking about estate planning or if you’ve got a large, multi-generation family and want to update your will to reflect both your changing assets and growing family, there is no better time than the present to work with an estate planning to create or update your will. By working with an experienced estate planning to create or update your will, you can ensure that your will is clear, comprehensive, and is in accord with all applicable Virginia state laws with respect to formation, spousal issues, and other concerns.

At Kurylo Gold & Josey, PLC in Fredericksburg, we are here to answer all of your questions related to estate planning and help you create or update a will that serves your estate planning goals. To schedule a consultation with one of our Virginia estate planning attorneys, contact Kurylo Gold & Josey, PLC at 540.642.1766.








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