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At one point or another, many of us have engaged in actions that – if done in the wrong place and at the wrong time – could result in a disorderly conduct criminal charge. Because the definition of disorderly conduct in Virginia is relatively broad, and police officers often exercise significant discretion in deciding whether to arrest an individual for disorderly conduct, many people who have never had a brush with the law find themselves charged with disorderly conduct. While disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor charge in Virginia, it can nevertheless mean up to one year in jail and $2,500 in fines. On top of that, the reputational damage of having a disorderly conduct conviction on your criminal record can follow you for years in your personal and professional life. But by working with the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Kurylo, Gold & Josey, PLC in Fredericksburg, you can take important steps to minimize the consequences you face and work towards your best possible outcome.

Your Best Defense to Disorderly Conduct

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we will fully investigate the circumstances of your arrest to determine your best potential defenses to your disorderly conduct arrest. Such defenses might include:

  • Whether the Police Acted Lawfully: Oftentimes, disorderly conduct arrests are made after a private citizen is unlawfully stopped by police and an argument ensues. We will investigate whether the police had reasonable suspicion to detain you or not.
  • Whether Your Conduct Was Sufficiently Egregious: To sustain a disorderly conduct charge, prosecutors will have to prove that your conduct was to such a level that it was intended to or recklessly could have caused significant public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm. By pressing back against such claims, you may be able to prove innocence.
  • Where the Conduct Occurred: A key aspect of a Virginia disorderly conduct is where the conduct occurred, i.e. a public place, a religious service, a school, etc. If it can be shown that the conduct did not occur in such a place, this may lead to dropped charges.

Every case is different, and working towards dropped charges is often a delicate maneuver between your defense attorney and the prosecutor. Thus, we encourage you to speak with one of our attorneys regarding the best defense to your particular disorderly conduct charge.

Experienced Virginia Criminal Defense Attorneys On Your Side

If you have been arrested for disorderly conduct in Virginia, the criminal defense attorneys at Kurylo Gold & Josey, PLC in Fredericksburg, Virginia, are here to help. We will fully investigate all potential defenses and do whatever it takes to protect your reputation and your future. Contact us today to schedule a consultation regarding your situation.



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