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Our Fredericksburg Estate Planning Attorneys Are Here To Walk You Through Your Estate

When you decide to take action on how your assets, estate, and medical decisions will be handled if and when you should no longer be able to make those decisions, you should rely on the expertise of an Estate Planning attorney. Estate planning is not just for the elderly or those with many assets. No matter who you are, or where you are in life, there is some aspect of estate planning that you could benefit from.

You may find do-it-yourself estate planning documents on the internet, which may or may not be valid in Virginia. Truly helpful, money saving estate planning may require much thought and discussion with one of our qualified, experienced Virginia estate planning attorneys.

Filling out documents is the end of the estate planning process. The first, and most important step, is talking to one of our Virginia estate planning attorneys about where in life you are and where your life is taking you. We talk about the future and how you want your assets handled in case you become incapacitated or pass away. We discuss ways to accomplish those goals in the most practical and financially appropriate way. Without the right questions being answered, the right estate planning documents can’t be prepared and your interests won’t be served.

Kurylo Gold & Josey’s Virginia estate planning attorneys perform the following services:

Last will and testament drafting

Without a last will and testament or a trust, your assets will pass according to state law. If your desires are to have someone else obtain those assets, you need estate planning services. As permitted by law, you could have assets divided as you wish, either through the will or a trust. Special people in your life, who are not your relatives, may be able to get the benefit of those assets as well.

Review of estate plans

If you’ve had estate planning done in the past, we can review it to make sure it hasn’t been impacted by changes in the law. If you choose to have a past will and testament updated, our Virginia estate planning attorneys can assist you with that.

Powers of Attorney

These are legal documents that allow someone else to make decisions or take actions for you. They can involve legal, financial or medical issues. They can be especially helpful if your health has suffered and you are unwilling or unable to take care of your financial matters. A healthcare power of attorney allows someone you name to make medical decisions for you in case you lose the capacity to make those decisions.

Advance Medical Directives

This is a legal document in which you spell out what medical care you want, and don’t want, in case you cannot speak for yourself. You can also name an agent to make decisions for you.








Virginia Divorce Attorney Matt Kurylo


Matt Kurylo began his legal career as a legal services specialist in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1998, then as an attorney in Fredericksburg in 2007. He is the founding partner of Kurylo Gold & Josey. In addition to providing assistance to clients, Matt serves as the firm’s managing partner.

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Virginia Divorce Attorney Emily E. Gold


Emily Gold focuses on matters of criminal and traffic defense, as well as family law, including divorce and child issues such as custody and visitation. She grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and attended the University of Virginia and George Mason University School of Law.

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Virginia Divorce Attorney Sara S. Josey


Sara is a native of Kentucky but grew up primarily in Raleigh, North Carolina. After graduating in three years summa cum laude, Sara attended Campbell Law School, in North Carolina. Sara practices primarily family law and estate planning matters.

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